Join a FTG

Participate to an Fair Traders Group or start a new one

Why join an FTG?

Buy directly from the local producers is the only way to guarantee the quality of the products and to help the local economy. There are three ways to do that: go to the local markets, go directly to the company or participate in a Fair Trade Group (FTG).

Of the three, the participation in an FTG is one that most reduces transportation costs, since it moves only one transport for many buyers , and therefore environmental pollution and also allows you to socialize with others who share our ethical values. Also in an FTG there are people who have skills to allow a better evaluation of the production methods used.

All the money you spend in an FTG funds the producer allowing him to really invest in quality, so that you can buy at the same price of supermarkets, fresh, wholesome and healthy products.

How to participate?

After completing the registration to Eventhia you can choose to subscribe to the nearest FTG or whether to start operating a new group.

If you are an administrator, your FTG is already active, but you want to change the management software, we can help ease the transition.

Attention, among the FTG's enrolled in Eventhia only those indicating active orders are using this site for order management, the others have only registered for mapping purpose; if you wish to contact one of these FTG or visit their website, you can use the info available on their page.