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Cream of Radicchio - 180gr

Cream of Radicchio - 180gr

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via Biagio di Santolino 27 - Loc. Acquaviva, 47892 Acquaviva (RSM) - San Marino

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The Cream of Radicchio Four Seasons is a savory sauce made with fresh ingredients and high quality of the territories of San Marino and Romagna materials. It is a cream that comes straight from the heart of the winter season with his typical radicchio fragrance but with a less bitter taste to be enjoyed fully. It fits very well with pasta and stuffed, but also combined with cured meats. The characteristics of the Chicory Cream Four Seasons: - Vegan OK - Gluten Free - Product processed fresh in 24 / 48h - Production workshop - Only Extra Virgin by Olive Italian - Raw materials coming from Agriculture Biology or integrated pest - No dyes and preservatives Ingredients: Radicchio, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Onion, apple vinegar, orange juice, brown sugar, salt.


Radicchio, Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva, Cipolla, Aceto di mele, Succo d’arancia, Zucchero di Canna, Sale.

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