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the cheese of Forgiveness

owned by Pierluigi Fattori

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Social Farm San Facondino:

LLC is a protection of creation and its creatures, which puts man at the center, particularly the one in trouble. This activity joins a stable with over 100 head of cattle for milk production, fed almost entirely from organic sources which are grown on the farm. For years the company has started making cheese using an internal dairy, where the milk is turned into an excellent cheese with a sweet and refined taste.

It is part of the farm is also a small butcher, for the sale of ground beef or divided according to customer needs.

We were chosen by these Fair Trade Groups

GAS.MARINO - Borgo Maggiore (RSM)Catòlgas - Cattolica (RN)


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 Supplier of FTG registered in


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Pierluigi Fattori
Via La Redenta 813 - Loc. San Facondino, 47835 Saludecio (RN) - Italia
VAT ID Number01088070402
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Latitude: 43.95497790 - Longitude: 12.74386700

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