Ethical Shop: a new cooperative relationship between merchants, customers and suppliers, without other intermediaries!

A Foodcoop in shop allows owner of small shop selling local and natural products to form its own group of customers who can order products on our online platform, then move to withdraw them or receiving them directly home.

This way of buying should not be considered a simple e-commerce, because it is important that will establish between the retailer and its customers a relationship similar to that typical of Foodcoops. The relationship with the producers will be more direct and not require brokers to trade, thus allowing the shortening of the supply chain.

Unlike Foodcoops which are based on voluntary activity and did not profit, the group purchase in ethical shop will have a mark-up on products, but who will be part of will have the advantage of being able to withdraw the products throughout the opening period and should not do volunteer shifts.

Often will be the same customers to propose the opening of the order of a given product directly from the manufacturer and in this process the shopkeeper will be certain to do inventory and also thanks to savings on transport, the final price will be cheaper.


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