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Price for Foodcoops: € 6,50


Quantity: 750 milliliters

Price per Lt: € 9,53

Minimum order: 12 Pc (9 Lt)

Minimum order for Foodcoopers: 12 Pc (9 Lt)


5% for total orders greater than € 150,00

10% for total orders greater than € 200,00

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C. da Cocciolete 10, 86042 Campomarino (CB) - Italia


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Product description

Appellation: Molise DOPCultivar: 70% Gentie of Larino, 30% Leccino selezionatoZona production: CampomarinoAtitudine: 100 - 200mLocalità, Sheet, Particle: CampomarinoPolifenoli: 317 mg / kgCategoria: Fruity intensoFormato: Training 500mlSistema Pot polyconic specializzatoDensità: 7 haPiante per hectare : 120 / haPeriodo collection: Start I and II decade of ottobreMetodo collection: by hand with selections, oliveMetodo of extraction: continuous cycle at two ground fasiTipo: MistoAspetto: almost clear. Color: light green with yellow highlights. Odour: medium fresh fruity, persistent, with hints of fresh herbs mowed and aromatic scents of mint and rosemary, The taste is enveloping and complex features of wild chicory, lettuce, artichoke and almond. Bitter and spicy dosed and raw presenti.A of appetizer of warm sea, tortelli di ricotta with thyme and sage, lasagna with zucchini and shrimp, of pesce.In cooking soups with octopus stewed, baked calamari and stuffed squid, sea bass baked with potatoes and mushrooms, white meat (chicken and rabbit) stewed.

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