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Quantity: 90 grams

Minimum order: 2 (Foodcoop) - 1 (Private)


Manufactured by

Consorzio MoiaCarni

Via Don Francesco Babbini 63/65 - Loc. Alfero, 47028 Verghereto (FC) - Italia

Product description

Slices of second grade, the cuts can be: SORRA and CHIME.
Suitable for cutlet, rolls, scallops, pizzaoila, less suitable to be consumed in the pan smooth, unlike the slice first choice.
The slices are ordered in pieces, each "+1" corresponds to one slice, minimum order 2 slices. average weight of a slice about 90 grams.

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Chosen by the following Foodcoops

RIGAS - Rimini (RN) - GAS Aperto - Rimini (RN) - Atuttogas - Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN) - Fiore della Vita - Cesena (FC)

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