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OE Fennel sweet 10m [bottle]

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OE Fennel sweet 10m [bottle]

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N.P.T. Italia srl

Via Mulini 5 a, 25039 Travagliato (BS) - Italia

Product description

Foeniculum vulgare, increases appetite, stimulates digestion, bowel and diuretic and causes an increase in the production of all the body fluids. Increases salivary secretion and the bile, stimulates the milk supply, has a diuretic that makes it effective in cases of water retention; thus combating cellulite and accumulation of toxins. It is also indicated in all disorders of renal function, such as calculations, nephritis and urinary tract infections (eg cystitis).
Bloating, flatulence, aerofagie, colic and hiccups are eliminated or greatly attenuated, it is also active on the female reproductive system: regulates the menstrual cycle, especially if the menses are painful and limited. It reduces premenstrual tension and, in local application, reduces breast tenderness related to milk supply. Counteracts disturbances due to menopause and increases the production of estrogen.
L 'essential oil of fennel has expectorant properties and antispasmodic, so it is useful to quell the coughing fits and to treat asthma and whooping cough.
It has a good astringent and is suitable for opaque and oily skin. It increases the skin circulation and assists for mature skin. Thanks to its estrogenic characteristics is useful for both acne and for wrinkles.

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