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Organic extra virgin olive oil - 3 liter tin

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Organic extra virgin olive oil - 3 liter tin

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Quantity: 3 Liters

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Manufactured by

Azienda agricola Biologica Clemente

Viale Kennedy 59, 75024 Montescaglioso (MT) - Italia

Product description

Intense fruity taste with good balance between bitter and spicy. Obtained from olives grown organically in accordance with Regulation 834/07 / EC in Metaponto in Bernalda Montescaglioso and in locations in the feud of the Wolf Lake Benedictine of Santa Maria del Vetrano from farm Clemente Luigi Rocco, with BioAgriCert certificate nr. 02100/2011, control code IT BIO 007 177241.
The coratina olive variety, ogliarola of bradano, biancolilla and leccino were cold pressed within 24 hours of collection.
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