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Extra virgin olive oil, 100% Italian. &

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Extra virgin olive oil, 100% Italian. &

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Frantoio Tradizionale Paganelli

Via Felsine 369 - Loc. Ciola Stradone, 47822 Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN) - Italia

Product description

Extra virgin olive oil, 100% Italian. "ORGANIC" (BODY CONTROL AUTHORISED BY MIPAAF IT BIO 003 - EU AGRICULTURE OPERATOR CONTROLLED no. GB97) PRODUCTION LIMITATAProdotto with selected olives of the Italian hills harvested when fully ripe (variety Peranzana, Ogliarola, Dear, various). medium intense flavor, slightly bitter and spicy. By persistent herbaceous aromatic notes of artichoke it is indicated as a dressing dishes from well-structured taste-olfactory structure, as raw on legumes, pasta, grilled meats, fish soups, ecc..MONOCULTIVAR: PERANZANAQuesta production will be achieved at the end November, from a lot of mainly green olives and fresh, from a single farm, while achieving truly eccellente.OTTIMO quality oil FRUITY !!! tasty aromatic oils with our extra virgin olive natural olivaal without ' addition of chemical flavorings

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Atuttogas - Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN)

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