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Rosehip oil virgin bio bottle 20ml

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Rosehip oil virgin bio bottle 20ml

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N.P.T. Italia srl

Via Mulini 5 a, 25039 Travagliato (BS) - Italia

Product description

ROSE HIP OIL VIRGIN BIO FACE Applied to the skin, absorbs quickly with a gentle massage. Used in the evening after cleansing the face: cleaned to perfection and dry, during the night the oil will have time to penetrate and pass its benefits. The nightly application is beneficial to reduce wrinkles or small scars left by acne, because when you sleep the skin is stretched, facilitating regenerating action. In these cases the ideal is to repeat the treatment twice a day, not only at night but also in the morning, immediately after waking up; since it is not greasy, it can also be a base for makeup. The rose hip is useful as a preventive treatment, you can use even if you do not have problems, when the skin is healthy and fresh, because it is really useful to slow the skin aging process. BODY For the application on the body is the same speech: after a shower or bath, with clean skin. Smeared on the skin with a gentle circular massage, exerting more pressure at the points where the skin is particularly dry, cracked or hardened. Before dressing, wait until the skin has completely absorbed the oil. The technique of massage from the bottom to the top is also indicated for pregnant women. Its ability to make the skin elastic and tonificarla is good for the skin of the belly. AND ACNE SCARS The first benefit is that the attenuation of scars, which can lighten if the oil is massaged daily to the skin, morning and evening. Obviously not disappear, but improve, especially if they are raised, because the thickness is reduced and the signs become less obvious. The acids in the fat content have the tissue regeneration capacity, on the stimulation of cell renewal, then completing all with a moisturizing and softening action. USE wrinkle -acne (scarring) -small scars and stretch marks -dermatite -macchie skin-aging epidermis -Excessive sun exposure -skin dry / cracked -Hair The rose hip oil is also suitable for the hair, when they are brittle, dry, brittle or split ends. In these cases a compress helps now to make stronger and healthier hair. The oil can be applied directly to towel dried hair, and massaged gently for a few minutes. The rinsing with plenty of warm water complete the treatment. HOW TO USE Can be used neat on the skin, or conveyed by an oil plant. STORAGE An airtight container, away from heat sources will keep intact its properties.

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