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"Gelindo" Chardonnay IGT Rubione Bottle 0, 75 Lt

"Gelindo" Chardonnay IGT Rubione Bottle 0, 75 Lt

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Azienda agricola Fiammetta

Via Provinciale 909 - Loc. Croce, 47854 Monte Colombo (RN) - Italia

Product description

Wine bio pure Chardonnay grapes, a beautiful golden yellow, with aromas of broom exotic fruits, banana and papaia.Buon balance on the palate between feschezz and morbidezza.Ideale with fish or meats freschi.Servire to 10-12 ° C. Alcoholic strength of 12 °% vol.

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Catòlgas - Cattolica (RN) - Gas per l'USO - Bellaria-Igea Marina (RN)

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