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Orange Marmalade 225 Gr

Orange Marmalade 225 Gr

€ 18,00


Quantity: 6 Pieces

Price per Pz: € 3,00

Minimum order: 1 (6 Pz)

Minimum order for Foodcoopers: 1 (6 Pz)

Best before: 10 months

Manufactured by

c/da busulmone - Loc. Noto, 96017 Noto (SR) - Italia


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Product description

Orange Marmalade Sicily
Cooking at low pressure and low temperature (60 ° C) to preserve the characteristics and natural aromas of the fruit
At the opening has an intense aroma of red orange (natural) thanks to cooking at low temperature, balanced taste in terms of sweetness (thanks to the use of brown sugar) and with a pleasant bitter note due to the presence of peel


Fruits (120%) Brown Sugar(65%)

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