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Frigate tuna in olive oil

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Frigate tuna in olive oil

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Le barche in cielo

Strada per Ortano 12 - Loc. Isola d'Elba, 57039 Rio nell'Elba (LI) - Italia

Product description

The frigate tuna and 'very similar to tuna tunny, both morphology and for the taste of his flesh, belongs to the family of mackerel, so we all know the healthiness' of this pesce.La firmness of the flesh, as well as the brightness of the color, are important indices freschezza.Le its meat is red, with a different flavor, sometimes oily and not very appropriate for an storage for later processing, and it 's why that big companies shy away from work it., while containing the same properties organoleptic tuna. I eviscero and bled immediately freshly caught, then in a bath with repeated water changes, so 'that its meat will become clear, so' as you see in the box

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