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RED WINE IGT TOSCANO - Bordeaux 0, 75 ltr

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RED WINE IGT TOSCANO - Bordeaux 0, 75 ltr

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Strada Romita 23, 50028 Tavarnelle Val di Pesa (FI) - Italia

Product description

Wine made from grapes Sangiovese and Merlot wisely blended in an exceptional result of flavors and profumi.Si accompanies excellently with meat dishes and game. E 'perfectly suited to risotto, pasta and is enhanced with the strong taste of the cheese. Open at least one hour before consumption to promote oxygenation. Serve at room - ambiante temperature.
Taste: very intense and balanced, soft and persistent on the palate.
Nose: ripe fruit with hints of spice.
Colour: Bright ruby ​​red.
- 85% Sangiovese
- 15% Merlot
Alcohol content 12, 5%

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