We purchase together, directly from the manufacturers

Eventhia is the most complete management software for Foodcoops

From the experience of foodcoopers who love to make things simply

Advantages for Foodcoops

  • Direct relationship with producers, no commission on purchases
  • It simplifies collection of orders and management of withdrawal points
  • You can communicate with all food coops members and producers
  • It automates hospitality, logistics, cash and volunteer management

Tools for Foodcoops

  • Order of products by manufacturer or by category, with images and rich descriptions
  • Price lists always updated directly from manufacturers and customizable
  • Management of internal lists, for exclusive use of own Foodcoop
  • Welcome Group to contact and inform the new members
  • Organization of home delivery
  • Quality Group for Internal Certification of Producers
  • Management of shareholders and payment of membership fees
  • Collecting orders from individual referrals or pickup points
  • Automatic opening and closing of orders, at intervals or programmed
  • Management of volunteer shifts with specific job assignments
  • Packages completion mode
  • Simple internal communication management through notifications
  • Sending automatic notifications an hour before product withdrawal
  • Restore capability of the already archived orders
  • Ability to delegate orders or to order for someone else
  • An internal notice-board for quick communications
  • Real-time chat with the staff for quick troubleshooting
  • History of orders, volunteer turns and statistics

Advantages for the Producer

  • Contact Food Coops and propose your products
  • It simplifies the management of pricelists, orders and inventory
  • Promote your company in Italy and abroad  

Tools for the Producer

  • Business page and pricelist visible to everyone
  • Quick pricelist management from one page only
  • Warehouse management, packages, minimum order quantities
  • Customization of sales, delivery, payment methods
  • Automatic compilation of custom excel order forms
  • Possibility to contact Food Coops
  • Change in amounts for products sold by weight
  • Setting up an online e-commerce stand
  • Possibility of receiving contacts from customers and quotation requests

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