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Red Oranges table Natural 49.5kg

Red Oranges table Natural 49.5kg

€ 26.07


Quantity: 16.5 Kilograms

Price per Kg: € 1.58

Minimum order: 1

Manufactured by

Via Cagliari, 95046 Palagonia (CT) - Italia

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Product description

The result of high caliber and a fine variety and aroma fragolato is the orange of Sicily and more appreciated in Italy and abroad, thanks to its color, low acidity and its properties. The rind is thin and smooth, medium or thin, yellow orange and flushed on over half of the area. Seedless, very resistant to transport, it is grown mainly in the plain of Catania, where lies the reason for the real peculiarity of this variety: the pigmentation, which depends greatly on the degree of ripening citrus which usually begins in late December to intensify with passing day. Maturation takes place in December and January and potrae until April. What favors this maturation process, and that makes it unique, are the temperature changes due to the appearance of snow on 'Etna. Red Oranges Natural free from pesticide treatments, antimarcio, wax and preservatives. 3 packs of 16,5kg FREE SHIPPING AND DELIVERY THROUGHOUT ITALY IN 48H € 59 (€ 1.19 per kg), 49.5kg

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