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"The Pear" Romagna Terra - 300 gr

"The Pear" Romagna Terra - 300 gr

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via Biagio di Santolino 27 - Loc. Acquaviva, 47892 Acquaviva (RSM) - San Marino

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Product description

"The Pear" is a sweet jam made from fresh raw materials and high quality of the Romagna territory. It is an unusual taste but that brings with it an addition to a classic use of the jam also a great pairing with cheese. The characteristics of the jam Pear Four Seasons: - Vegan OK - Gluten Free - Product processed fresh in 24 / 48h - Production workshop - Without thickeners - Raw materials coming from Agriculture Biology or integrated pest - No dyes or preservatives Ingredients: Pear, Brown sugar, Lemon.

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