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we are a small social cooperative, which produces coffee and tea in the Female Prison of Pozzuoli (Napoli). It born in 2010, from the conviction that prisons should not be an obscure and forgotten place, and the idea, brave and a bit 'reckless, which is always possible, even in difficult conditions, that women are the protagonists of their change .

The entire production cycle, from the coffee roasting (coming from five different countries) to the packaging, takes place inside the prison. It is produced with the traditional technique of Neapolitan artisans, a blend of high-quality coffee and excellent quality. An intense coffee flavor and soft in fragrance. Restricted women are engaged in first, to show that change is possible and that there is no need of compassion but of ideas, resources and opportunities.

As taught by Simone de Beauvoir 'women are born not made. " We are convinced that ethics is the foundation of a new economy. We wondered if it was interested in purchasing our products (coffee packages milled from 250g, waffles, grains 1 kg, tea and herbal tea in packs of 100g. Red tea, black tea, green tea and herbal tea ginger and lime and gadgets ).

For information and contacts e.mail web site Facebook coop Lazzarelle phone Paola Maisto 3270864154 - Imma Carpiniello 3280937749

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Via S. Eframo Vecchio 54, 80137 Napoli (BO) - Italia
Phone+39 328 0937749
VAT ID Number06577891218
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