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natural cosmetics from the women's prison in Venice

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We are a social cooperative, we deal with employment of persons under penalty.

We have organized our activities inside the prisons of Venice and the territory. Day after day we invest in people, in their potential and their desire for redemption because we believe that everyone deserves a second chance to start over.

All our production is special because it brings with it the history of the hands that have worked, made of past meandering, present commitment and best future expectations. Our productions tell of commitment, ethics and care for the environment: we grow an organic garden, we print in silk screen T-shirts of fair trade, we produce bags and accessories from recycled materials, we produce cosmetics, including an organic line.

Our products find them to mark "Rio Terà dei Pensieri" and "misdeeds".

We were chosen by these Fair Trade Groups

RIGAS - Rimini (RN)VENEZIANO GAS - Venezia (VE)


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Eventhia Awards

 Supplier of FTG registered in
 Organic certification, environmental, origin, etc.


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Via Delle Industrie (c/o Vega) 25/12, 30175 Venezia (VE) - Italia
Phone+39 041 2960658
Mobile+39 335 1430563
Fax+39 041 2960658
VAT ID Number02782010272
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Latitude: 45.44334230 - Longitude: 12.32652940

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