Festival of Social Economy and Responsible Tourism

Hotel Kursaal, Piazza I Maggio, Cattolica

Descrizione dell'evento

Small Scale Distribution - Heritage of Humanity

On the days of 2/3 September at Hotel Kursaal in Cattolica and in Piazza Primo Maggio, we organize ESTRÓ, the festival where the themes of Solidarity and Tourism Responsible meet, sponsored by the City of Cattolica.

It's a unique opportunity to meet the various realities of the Social Economy and the producers, exchange knowledge and experiences and interweave relationships, and also take a short break on the beaches of Cattolica, the Queen of the Adriatic Sea.

Producers will be able to present, let you taste and sell their products in stalls set up in downtown streets.

Dove e quando

Piazzale Primo Maggio 2, 47841 Cattolica (RN) - Italia
Coordinate navigatore 43.9670058 - 12.7405764
Orario Dalle 09:30 alle 22:00
Telefono+39 373 8643849


Sito Webwww.eventhia.com