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Manufactured by

Prodotti Naturali Durga s.r.l.

Via Dello Stringaio 3 - Loc. Acciaiolo, 56043 Fauglia (PI) - Italia

Product description

Colored pastes murals and encaustic plus.
Our color palette is visible on the site
* The tinting system Durga is easy and fast *
In our color chart are 21 basic colors, with which you can have 4 colors for color.
How to use the pastes:
shades 1-1 125ml jar of color in painting 14lt
shades 2 - 2 jars from color 125ml in 14lt of painting
shades 4-1 jar 500ml color in painting 14lt
x shades - two cans of 500ml of color in painting 14lt
Of course, if you intend to use a can of 7, halve the amount of color.
These colors can also be used to color the grout, all our paintings and our liquid wax Encaustic plus. In the latter case it should be used only 30% of color.
* THE price is already discounted by 20% and inclusive of VAT *

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